Online Store / eCommerce solution

  • Try for free.
  • Turnkey... Just add your products and sell.
  • Full unlimited version.
  • Payment modules for all credit cards etc.
  • Multiple languages ​​and currencies.

Selection of features

  1. Unlimited

    Fill your Online Store with unlimited number of products, categories, files, etc..
    Unlimited in all possible directions.

  2. Easy editing

    Edit texts in your store, as easily as typing a word document.

  3. Automatic software updates

    Forget about the technical stuff. The software is automatically updated continuously. It is essential in a world where technology is changing rapidly.

  4. Newsletters

    Send newsletters from your Online Store directly to all your customers. Get them back into your store, and make them purchase again and again.

  5. Related products

    Associate items to each other, and cross-sell your products.

  6. Discounts

    Give your customers discount codes, or make them VIP users with special benefits.

  7. Multiple languages ​​and currencies

    Reach the world using multiple languages​​. Add multiple currencies with automatic rate updates.
    Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic

  8. Domains

    Use your personal domain name. Add as many as you want to your Online Store.

  9. Intelligent to search engines

    Google is not a human being, and must therefore be treated special. It requires very intelligent functionality that we have built into your Online Store (SEO).

    Your Online Store will also be a part of a large index which attracts traffic to the stores.